How did we get here?

(The Origin of The Coffee Shop Chronicles)

As someone who must write lengthy pages for work, school, and my internship I often found myself camped out at a coffee shop for several hours, getting a caffeine fix and enjoying the air conditioning many establishments provided.

An internship that took me to Connecticut landed me in a small studio apartment with little to no heat in the winter and no wi-fi, so my presence in local coffee shops became, more often than not, a daily activity.

I made it a point to move around to different shops (such as Starbucks, Denny’s, or some small mom & pop diners) to explore Connecticut, and to seek new experiences and find opportunities to make new friends. Neither of those happened. But I did witness some bizarre situations revolving around people who were just as unusual. The following pages contain those people and situations.

Though I have since left Connecticut, my study habits have remained the same no matter where I’ve gone. Our story begins a month before Connecticut …