#15 – Java-twacked! – 7/19/16

July 19th, 2016

I’m sitting next to some guy who is reading (what looks like) a self-help book, hoarding two tables (one, just for his various bags and notebooks), and looking up from his book with anger and frustration every time he hears a noise.  I’m moving my chair on purpose now.

Across from him are two yuppies who keep speaking corporate America jargon, and they seem to be in love with it.  Scratch that.  They just left.  Must be time to get back to work and make a difference, huh?

Meanwhile, my favorite barista suggested and made me an Espresso Frappuccino.  These basically do to me what red wine does to me (see The Va-J J665 Monologues video if you don’t know what that looks like), with a hint of the aggression that I get when drinking shots of Jameson.  Jameson is a whiskey.  Perverts.

I can’t work when I’m this java-twacked!


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