#6 – Together – 11/14/15



November 14th, 2015

This couple sat in a Starbuck’s for several hours, consumed by their own individual hobbies, apart from each other, but somehow still together. This fascinated me. The couple barely spoke a word to one another the entire time, but it was obvious that there was no one they’d rather be with, and nothing they’d rather be doing. In a word, they were simply … complete.

I could have sat here, hoping to have what they have, but with someone special of my own someday. To have that patience and unspoken feeling of knowing that through it all, they’re still there. To be myself to the fullest, but to be something even more because of the person across from me…

… But I couldn’t feel that way, because I was too busy being offended by that guy’s red cup. Happy Holidays.


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